G'day, I'm Chris Talke.

Welcome to my corner of the internet.

I'm an IT Professional based in Australia 🦘 with a love for web dev and tech in general.

I've always used technology to solve problems in my life, and this is my place to share my findings and learnings. Hopefully in the process of sharing knowledge I can help others who are learning, or seeking answers to problems I may have solved.

This blog will typically cover anything to do with web dev, windows/linux server things or janky networking stuff! I'm not going to limit this blog, but it is mostly going to be based around tech!

Just keep in mind I'm not an expert, I learn enough to solve problems and I hope you can find value in that.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to get in touch, check out my github, twitter or linkedin.

Recent Posts

Ever wanted to quickly check how many lines of code have been written in your current working project? Here is a quick command I've been using!
Git, Command Line and Linux
Everyone knows finding a rental today is difficult, and competitive. It's grueling filling out applications, and it's time consuming keeping track of properties you've applied for. To help make this process easier, I decided to create a bot.
Housing, Homelessness, Bots and Automation
Are you a personal finance nerd? Do you like Docker? Here is a really quick way to get Firefly III up and running!
Docker, Firefly and Personal Finance
Their privacy statement says that they "...will protect your personal information from being dealt with in any way that is inconsistent with applicable privacy laws in Australia". Through my experience, they are not even trying to protect their own data.
Data Privacy, Bad Software and Dataleaks
So you want to read, and set cookies 🍪 using Cloudflare Workers? Well, you're in the right place!
Cloudflare Workers, JavaScript and Proxy
There have been a few scenarios where an end user might want to show the 'original' callers id when transferring or forwarding calls to an external part, this is a short guide on how to achieve this.
3CX, Caller ID and Telephony
Just a short, straight to the answer powershell guide to set Microsoft 365 Group Calendar members to read only, meaning only 'owners' of the group can modify events.
Microsoft 365, Exchange Online and Powershell
This is a flashback to one of my failed side projects, the NL1901ACV LTE Inspector. I go over why I made it, the research that went into it, what I built it with, how I built it, why it failed, what I learnt and if it worked.
Failed Projects, JavaScript and Networking
Microsoft please, please, please, we beg you! Release an ADMX for Microsoft Teams that works! No? Okay, let me show you how I got Microsoft Teams to stop auto-starting.
Microsoft Teams and Windows Server
A detailed list of all things that I use on a day to day basis, this covers any web tech, editors, terminals, fonts, extensions, computers, laptops, monitors, servers and so forth! I recently checked out a website called uses.tech and created this list to participate!
Technology and Things
Out of the box, Strapi.js includes a user-permissions plugin which issues JWT tokens to be stored in client side storage for 'authenticated' requests, this demonstrates how you can modify the plugin's controllers to use server side cookies which allows for httpOnly / secure options (Updated 2021-26-01).
Strapi.js and Cookies
My experience trying to Dockerise a NodeJS application using the Puppeteer library (yes... this is an old medium post migrated to my blog).
Docker, Puppeteer, JavaScript and NodeJS